When Sibling Rivalry Comes Back to Bite Us

Advice: Take control while you are still in control

I see the following scenario (or versions of it) quite a bit in my law practice. It goes something like this:

Son: What – are you blind? Can’t you see that mom needs to go into a nursing home?

Daughter: No she doesn’t! All she needs is some help. She’s fine staying in her home.

Son: She can’t even take care of herself or go to the bathroom without someone standing right over her. Come on, get with the program.

Daughter: We can get an aide to come in and help and we can take turns with grocery shopping and laundry and whatever else needs to get done.

Sam’s 89 – Can’t You See He’s Incapacitated

Ageism in America – a last bastion of abject discrimination

When asked – what day it is? Sam froze like a deer in headlights. At age 89 he thought he was doing just fine and was able to answer the first few questions okay, but that “day” question – boy that was a doozy. He couldn’t quite get the month and year right and he was a few Presidents behind, but knowing that he wanted to live in his own home and be independent – that he was unequivocal about.